The Brightside.

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.  Happiness never decreases by being shared” – The Buddha.

Here are a few pics and stories of what the TLE Team does in their off time either to help the community, bring joy to those around them, and also some fun updates from our team.

The quotes team finally wins back the trophy!

Every Friday the TLE team has a Minute to Win It game- the winner gets handed the trophy by the prior week’s winner… the trophy had been on the PM side way too long!

October, 2019

The TLE team rearranges the office!

In September 2019, The team rearranged the office furniture to make more room for our growing team! The office dog is feeling at home- asleep on the rug!

October, 2019

TLE has a Bob Ross Painting Party!

In July, 2019 – the TLE team had a Bob Ross Painting party! Who knew the team was so creative!

October, 2019

Manny brings flowers to all of the mamas in the office Mother’s Day

May, 2018

Esther dives into the TLE Team

Esther Yoo is the newest member of The Lighting Element team!

Diving into the lighting industry with no fear as quotes administrator for TLE!

February, 2018